Friday, August 17, 2012

Ubuntu 12.04: Font Install/Uninstall

Install with Terminal
1. Make .font directory in your home directory
    $ mkdir .font
2. Download and put font file or files in the .font directory (e.g. Monaco_Linux.ttff)
    $ mv Downloads/Monaco_Linux.ttf.font
3. Register the font
    $ sudo fc-cache -f -v
3. Confirm the install
    $ fc-list | grep Monaco

Install with GUI

1. Delete font file (e.g. Monaco.Linux.ttf)
    $ rm Monaco_Linux.ttf
2. Unregister the font
    $sudo fc-cache -f -v
3. Confirm the uninstall
    $ fc-list | grep Monaco

It's better not to install custom fonts to "/usr/share/fonts".

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