Monday, December 10, 2012

Wireshark on Mac: Changing menu fonts

You can change a font for captured data from preferences, but it doesn't change the font for the application menu. To make the ugly unpleasant font acceptable, change "pre_gtkrc" file in "/Applications/"

1. Change the font
#gtk-font-name="Lucida Grande 12"
gtk-font-name="Sans 10"

2. Change the menu sizes (buttons, etc.)
#gtk-icon-sizes = "gtk-menu=16,16:gtk-dialog=48,48:gtk-dnd=32,32:gtk-button=20,20:gtk-large-toolbar=24,24:gtk-small-toolbar=16,16:inkscape-decoration=12,12"
gtk-icon-sizes = "gtk-menu=14,14:gtk-dialog=24,24:gtk-dnd=32,32:gtk-button=14,14:gtk-large-toolbar=14,14:gtk-small-toolbar=10,10:inkscape-decoration=6,6"

3. Results

4. Notes
- Lucida Grande is the default system font for Mac, but it looks completely difference under X11.
- The environment is rMBP Mid 2012 running Mountain lion 10.8.2.
- The output is somewhat blurred since X11 cannot handle the retina display.


  1. Thanks! The default fonts and icons look awful, way too big. Your trick did it.

  2. Happy to hear that. The default needs fixing.

  3. Thanks! Nice post.